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Education and Licensing of Tom Caune

June 09, 2016
Proper investigation education and licensing is of the utmost importance for individuals that would like to succeed in law enforcement. In order to earn the thirty years of service and respect that Tom Caune has earned in his field, he has had to hold true to these statements. His success can be attributed to his deep understanding of the importance of proper investigation skills and certifications. Tom Caune has never shied away from putting in extra work to keep his education and licensing up to date and to learn new skills as it improves his occupational savvy.

As a husband and father, Tom Caune continually looks for opportunities to better his work and himself and make his family proud. Before beginning his career, Tom Caune attended Central Piedmont Community College. After earning his Associate Degree in Police Science from Piedmont, Tom Caune found a passion for the field of justice and went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Arts in Criminal Justice from Pfeiffer University. This passion to become better educated and improve his skills can be seen throughout his career with his private investigator licenses in multiple states as well as alarm licences in multiple states. After pursuing investigations without, Tom Caune decided it would be useful to get his license as a lie detector examiner, so he went on to earn his electronic counter measure licence as well in order to benefit his investigations.